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Raw pet food

Why feed raw?

Simply said, raw food is served as nature intended—rich in naturally-occurring nutrients and enzymes. The ingredients in traditional pet foods, on the other hand, are altered by harsh processing—and the lost nutrients are replaced artificially with additives and sprayed-on synthetic vitamins and minerals. That said, there’s no question that kibble foods are convenient—but shelf-stable, grain-free, freeze-dried raw alternatives offer the same convenience without losing any of the taste, aroma and nutrition naturally found in fresh from the field food.

Why feed Sojos?

Sojos’ raw, shelf-stable foods enable pet parents to serve fresh, home-prepared meals in minutes—just by adding water. It's raw made easy. And for guilt-free treating, we make a variety of freeze-dried raw meat and oven-baked dog treats.

Are Sojos products raw?

Our food recipes include a combination of gently freeze-dried meat—and air-dried fruits & veggies. All ingredients in all of our foods are raw.

Meat begins to cook at 115 degrees. But fruits and veggies have a higher cook-temp and can be dehydrated via an air-drying process, while maintaining the nutritious enzymes only found in raw ingredients. There can be a little confusion about the term ‘dehydrated’ because meat cannot be dehydrated and remain raw. But fruits and veggies can indeed be dehydrated and remain raw.

Is feeding a raw diet expensive?

Our food contains no fillers, so you feed less than what you would with traditional pet food. As a result, the price per day is about the same or less than most premium commercial pet foods. In the long run feeding your pets fresh, wholesome pet food can also save you money on vet bills.

Can dogs and cats really eat fruits and veggies?

While it’s true that dogs and cats are carnivores, bear in mind that when a carnivore eats another animal, they are also eating whatever that animal ate—often fruits and veggies. So, to get a truly complete diet, a variety of ingredients are critical. Not to mention, the superfood fruits and veggies included in our recipes pack a serious nutritional punch, providing health benefits for your pets.


Sojos products

Where are Sojos ingredients sourced?

Sojos products are made in Minnesota and we source as many ingredients as possible domestically—about 80%. Because of seasonality and the protein options included in our recipes, we do source elsewhere when necessary. For example, our venison comes from New Zealand and our goat comes from Australia.

Where are Sojos vitamins and minerals sourced?

We source as many of our ingredients as possible domestically—and that includes all vitamins and minerals. The majority of the vitamins and minerals included in Sojos Complete food recipes are sourced within the US. Due to availability and seasonality, we do source elsewhere, but none of our vitamins or minerals come from China. If you have specific questions about any of our ingredients, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at: 1-888-867-6567 or

Is Sojos made in the USA?

Yes, all of our products, from baked treats, to freeze-dried meat treats and Sojos Complete food recipes to Sojos Pre-Mix food recipes are made in our Minnesota kitchens.

Is Sojos Complete all-natural?

Sojos Complete dog food recipes are natural with added vitamins and minerals. We’re committed to mixing up all-natural food, however some of the vitamins and minerals included in our Complete recipes are not readily available in natural form. Rest assured, these ingredients must meet the same quality standards, and undergo the same testing as all other ingredients. If you have additional questions about our quality standards, or ingredient testing, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at: 1-888-867-6567 or

Is Sojos veterinarian-recommended?

Many veterinarians do indeed recommend Sojos. And while we previously noted this on our packaging, we chose to remove the “vet-recommended” icon from the front of our food bags. We simply decided not to officially market this claim. We’re committed to working with the veterinary community—especially the holistic veterinary community—and will continue to do so.

Why is there garlic in some of the products?

Many people believe that garlic is harmful to dogs, and in large, concentrated doses this can be true.

However, in the proportions that we use, it is highly beneficial to heart health, acts as a natural flea repellant, an anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial ingredient. Just like with humans many things are healthy (and indeed necessary!) in small doses but potentially harmful in large, concentrated doses.

Where can I find nutrient profiles?

Click here to view our nutrient profiles for all recipes.

Why did Sojos change from AAFCO guidelines for “All Life Stages” to “Adult Maintenance?”

Sojos is committed to transforming the lives of pets through the power of nutrition—and we’re continually improving our efforts to do so. We’ve recently changed Sojos Complete dog food recipes to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for Adult Maintenance. Why? Because we want to adhere to AAFCO changing guidelines. While not all pet food companies do so, Sojos is committed to meeting and exceeding AAFCO guidelines—which in turn means all our Complete dog food recipes are complete and balanced diets.

Not to mention, we’ve recently launched Sojos Complete for Puppies, formulated for your newest fur family members! Learn more here

Why did the guaranteed analysis on Sojos SimplyMeat treats change?

We’re committed to continually improving our products—and that includes product testing. Rest assured, our SimplyMeat treats and SimplyWild treats are still made using the same quality protein we’ve used for years! We’ve simply used a more accurate guaranteed analysis test, and updated packaging to reflect those results.

For an even more in-depth breakdown, find all our food products’ Nutrient Profiles here to view our nutrient profiles for all recipes.

How to

Prepare and store Sojos

How do I make Sojos pet foods?

For our Complete recipes and Wild recipes, simply add water, soak and serve. For Sojos Pre-Mix recipes, simply add water, the protein of your choice, soak and serve.

What type of meat should I add to Sojos Pre-Mix recipes?

Look for an all-natural, USDA-approved raw protein to add to Sojos Pre-Mixes. The type of protein you choose depends on your dog’s individual nutritional needs and preferences. Your local butcher or grocery store is a great resource for meat recommendations.

Do I need to add extras, like meat or other foods or vitamin supplements?

You don’t need to add anything to your pet’s meal (besides protein if you’re feeding a Pre-Mix recipe). Our foods include a blend of vitamins and minerals that provide all the nutrients your pet needs for a complete and balanced meal.

Are the amounts listed in the feeding guidelines per meal, or per day?

Our feeding guidelines recommend your dog’s daily portion size. So if you feed twice daily, simply divide the portion in half to determine how much you should feed per meal.

How do I store Sojos food and treats?

All of our food recipes and freeze-dried meat treats should be stored in a cool, dry place. Do not store dry Sojos in the refrigerator.

How long should I let my pet’s meal soak (Sojos + water)?

Scoop your dog’s recommended serving of dry Sojos and combine with water. Soak for 15 minutes to fully activate nutrients and enzymes.

Why is it important to soak Sojos?

Soaking improves digestibility. Cats and dogs have a strong, but short, digestive tract designed to quickly break down and absorb foods. Grains and veggies require more complex digestion than meats, fruit and other foods, so soaking in water a minimum of 15 minutes is critical.

Can I refrigerate rehydrated Sojos?

Any leftover food should be treated like fresh food, though, we venture to guess your pet will lick the bowl clean every time. Either discard leftovers or cover and refrigerate. Store in a food-safe, air-tight container. Because Sojos food products contain raw meat, handle with care, as you would any meal you’re preparing and storing for yourself. Sojos is best served fresh, within 24 hours of prep.

What temperature water should I add to dry Sojos?

Room temperature water is ideal. Do not add boiling water, as this will cook out the natural enzymes found in raw food.

Why shouldn’t I microwave my dog’s food?

It’s best to skip the microwave—even if your pet prefers a warm meal. Because the ingredients in Sojos are raw, a combination of freeze-dried meat and gently air-dried fruits and veggies, microwaving can cook the nutrient-rich enzymes found only in raw ingredients. If your dog turns up his nose at a cold bowl, try adding warm (not boiling!) water to rehydrate his food.

Can I blend rehydrated Sojos?

Sojos recipes include bite size, natural ingredient chunks. If your pup prefers a smoother blend, or has dental issues, feel free to blend once rehydrated.

How much food will my dog’s serving make once rehydrated?

Each meal will rehydrate a little differently depending on the food mix itself, the temperature of water you used, the amount of time you soaked, etc. So, there’s no way to pinpoint the exact volume once rehydrated. This is why our feeding chart calls for measurements in dry Sojos!

How long can I expect a bag of Sojos to last?

An 8 lb. bag of Sojos Complete contains 40 cups of dry food. The amount you feed your pup depends on several factors, including weight and activity level. But for an average sized dog, with an average activity level, an 8 lb. bag of Sojos Complete will last roughly one month. Find our feeding charts here.

What’s the shelf-life of your products?

Sojos food products have an 18-month shelf-life when stored in a cool, dry place. The “Best By” date is printed on the top corner of the back of your bag.

My bag is expired. Can I still feed it to my pet?

We cannot guarantee food or recommend you feed it to your pet if it’s past the expiration date.


Sojos to your pet

My dog is allergic to X, can he eat Sojos?

Consult your holistic vet or nutritionist about specific allergies. That said, it’s not uncommon for pets to exhibit allergies to feed-grade ingredients but to process higher quality, human-grade ingredients with significantly less difficulty. Meaning, if your pup’s allergic to a particular ingredient in his kibble, he may not react to that same ingredient in an unprocessed, raw diet.

Can I start feeding Sojos immediately or do I need to transition my pet?

We recommend at least a 10-day transition (3-4 weeks for older, sick or finicky pets). Soak a pinch of Sojos and water (or Sojos Pre-Mix, meat and water) and add to the your pet’s current food. Gradually increase the Sojos portion each day as you decrease the other food.

Cats can be especially picky and may take longer to adjust to new smells, textures, and tastes. Patience and persistence is the key!

How will my dog’s teeth get clean when feeding a moisture-rich food?

One of the common misconceptions about kibble is that a crunchy food cleans pets’ teeth as they chew. But would you ever substitute chewing on a crunchy snack like pretzels or chips for brushing your teeth? Of course not. Your mouth would be full of gunk and residue that would turn to plaque – and guess what? That’s exactly what happens with pet kibble, which leaves a disease-causing buildup of plaque on pets’ teeth and gum lines.

It’s not how soft or crunchy the meal is, it’s how healthy the ingredients are that make a difference in canine and feline dental hygiene.

My dog acts like he is hungry all the time since switching to Sojos. Do I need to increase his serving size?

It’s not uncommon for dogs to exhibit higher energy levels after they’ve transitioned to a raw diet. This is generally a great thing, but may take some adjustment on your part!

Not to mention Sojos tastes delicious and is fun to eat, so your pup may just be pulling your leg, and trying to get his paws on some more food. Imagine going from eating artificially flavored pellets every meal (kibble), to eating fresh, raw ingredients (including real meat chunks)—it’s no surprise your pup can’t get enough!

Of course, it’s possible your pet does need an increased portion. Our feeding guidelines are just that—guidelines. Every dog is different and you know your pet best. Check with your holistic vet or nutritionist for guidance.

My dog isn’t drinking as much water since switching to Sojos. Why?

For many pets, this is because they’re consuming plenty of water through the moisture-rich Sojos meal—particularly if they were eating a processed, dry food like kibble previously. As always, consult your holistic Vet or nutritionist if you have additional concerns.

I noticed ingredient chunks in my dog’s stool, does this mean he’s not absorbing nutrients?

Sojos is moisture-rich and filled with raw ingredients, so naturally your pup’s output will look different than when he was consuming a processed diet like kibble. Rest assured, it’s perfectly normal to see pieces of carrot, sweet potato or other ingredients in your dog’s stool.

Some of the insoluble fiber may not always break down completely—but this does not mean your pet hasn’t gained nutritional benefit from those ingredients. Dogs have short intestinal tracts that are highly acidic, so they extract nutrition and pass waste quickly compared to humans.

Can I feed my cat Sojos Complete for dogs? Can I feed my dog Sojos Complete for cats? Can I feed my puppy Sojos Complete or Sojos Wild?

While raw food is a great option for pets in all life stages, cats, dogs and puppies all have unique nutritional needs and shouldn't eat the same recipe. Our recipes are specially formulated to meet your pet’s needs and are suitable to feed only to the the pet listed on our packaging.

How do I know my dog is getting the correct amount of nutrients when one bowl of food looks different than the last one? Or when one bag looks different than the last one?

Because we make Sojos from scratch, in small batches, all the ingredients are natural, and it’s made with real ingredient chunks, it’s normal for you to see some variation from one meal to the next. It is a good idea to ‘rotate’, ‘shake’ or ‘stir’ the bag in between feedings to keep the ingredients as evenly mixed as possible, but each meal will look a little different.

Think of our food the way you approach making salad. Even when you use the exact same toppings and the exact same portions to make two salads, they won’t ever look exactly the same—simply because you’re using fresh, real ingredients. Both salads provide the same nutrient content, but look a little bit different. The same goes for your dog’s bowlful of Sojos!



How do I place an order?

Log into your online account, or create one. Place items in your cart and proceed to check out. You can also call us at 1-888-867-6567 to place your order directly, with our Customer Service Team.

Why are Sojos products more expensive on your website than elsewhere?

We're committed to supporting indie pet specialty stores and our online retail partners. We always encourage our customers to seek out the most convenient and affordable option.

Is Sojos available internationally?

We do have limited distribution in other countries—particularly in Canada, South America, and some in Japan. Try our store locator to find a retailer near you. And if there isn’t a store near you, shop one of our online retail partners, or contact our Customer Service Team for help sourcing Sojos products in your area.

How much can I expect to pay for shipping?

All orders that include food qualify for free shipping. For orders with only treats, shipping is $1.35 per box / bag of treats. Purchase 6 or more boxes / bags of treats to qualify for free shipping. Orders will ship within 2 days via UPS ground.

I am not happy with my purchase. What do I do next?

While most pets can't get enough Sojos, that's not the case for every pet. We offer a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee on all food & treat purchases made via Simply contact our Customer Service Team for instruction. Reach them at: 1-888-867-6567 or by email at, Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm CST.

I am not happy with my Sojos purchase from another retailer. What do I do next?

All of our retailers should honor our 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee and can arrange a replacement or refund for you. If you have any trouble working with your retailer to return or exchange your product, simply get in touch with us. Reach our Customer Service Team at: 1-888-867-6567 or by email at, Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm CST.

Does Sojos offer a Frequent Buyer Program?

For pet parents who purchase Sojos products from a local pet store, we offer a Frequent Buyer Program. Purchase 12 bags of Sojos, and receive the 13th bag free! Check with your retailer for more info. And if your local shop doesn't participate, get in touch with our Customer Service Team and we'll contact the shop. The Frequent Buyer Program is not applicable to purchases made via or another online retailer.